Ideas For a Perfect Valentine!

06 Feb

Dreaming of a perfect date on Valentine’s?
Sick of all the usual stuff and clichés?
Here are some hot tips u wouldn’t want to miss!
She’s certainly special, therefore she deserves a special Valentine!

Before setting the plan, think of making her feel special all day long. You might start by waking her up at your favorite song, a lovely bouquet of red roses beside her bed, with a card on which you write a sweet sensual poem. Make sure its handwritten and personal. I’m sure that’ll make her day!

Now, let us start by the location, we all know there is nothing more adventurous than dinner at home. That’s where you can realise all your crazy ideas and still be in a cozy place of your own imagination.

Tip # 1    How about igniting flames of passion with some spiced up seductive meals? Whether it’s a dinner or lunch, make it special with aphrodisiac ingredients! 😉
Here are some useful links to different mouth-watering meals:

Tip # 2    Leave some chocolate and whipped cream to mess around with 😉

Tip # 3    There is nothing like music to set the mood for a romantic evening. Choose a set of soft and soothing songs to be played in the background at a volume that is non-interfering yet audible. And after dinner, surprise her by asking her for a slow dance at your favorite song, u might not be a pro but its a kind and romantic move.

Tip # 4    Romantic candles create the sensuous mood you desire and provide a soft and subtle lighting meant for those intimate occasions. Make sure your candles have an aromatic scent such as anise, jasmine, lavender and cinnamon to add a touch of passion and romance. believe it or not, aromas and scents have an emotional effect on a person’s mood and behavior, for example, rose, a deeply floral scent that is relaxing and known to promote compassion, love and sensuality. You can also add rose petals as a final touch to color the atmosphere.

Tip # 5    Cupid did his magic with arrows, do yours with a nice bottle of red wine!
If your not willing to pay too much, here are some fine choices:

Charles Krug Merlot 2004,

From Napa Valley’s first winery (bottling since 1861), this organically grown, berry-scented Merlot strikes a nice balance among fruit, tannins, and acidity.

Mondavi Woodbridge Cabernet-Merlot 2006,Wine Bottle

A bit spicy at first taste, this Cabernet-Merlot blend starts to soften up — revealing blackberry and vanilla flavors — as you sip.


Artesa Elements 2003,Wine bottle

Black cherry and chocolate — a perfect pairing — come to mind with each mouthful of this six-grape blend (mainly Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot)



Tip # 6    Go back to tip # 2 and spice up your Valentine!

Tip # 7    Don’t forget to leave your comment!

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